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Your application to manage Scientific Societies and Events

With Bipeek you can manage your scientific society and all your events.

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    First software on the market
    that allows you to manage societies and events

    Management of societies

    Membership fees, accounting, private associate area, forum, job offers, chat, online election system, document management and much more.

    Event management

    Registration forms with and without payment gateway, management of scientific communications, billing, certificates, accreditations, event website.

    Online events

    From our software we can manage and carry out online and hybrid events. Streaming broadcast in the event rooms, attendance control, interaction, surveys and much more.

    Bipeek Online Events
    The first 360º software

    In addition to all the management features, with Bippek you can manage your online events quickly and efficiently. With our technical support you will be able to develop your conferences and events 100% Online in a simple and professional way.

    In addition to the management of your scientific society and all the services we offer for your associates, we also allow you to manage all the training events you develop.

    Comprehensive Management
    Of Congresses & Events

    The most important value that Bipeek offers is the possibility of having comprehensive multi-event and multi-society management. If you are a member of two companies and have attended multiple events, you will be able to access all your data, documents, certificates with a single login on our platform.

    Multi-event and multi-society software
    Data centralized in a single place
    Ease of management
    Data about your event in real time

    Are you a PCO?
    Software designed for professionals

    Bipeek is designed to facilitate the work of professionals in the daily management of all the companies you manage as well as the events you have underway.

    You can use our software as a white label and resell it to your clients as your own software. Bipeek will be your daily work tool and will mark a before and after in the way you manage your business.

    We improve communication

    With our application we improve communication between your business and your clients. You will all wina and your business will continue to grow.

    We improve productivity

    Productivity in your business will increase exponentially. The time spent on all your processes will drop significantly.

    ¿Eres una OPC?
    Software diseñado para profesionales

    Bipeek está diseñado para facilitar el trabajo a los profesionales en la gestión diaria de todas las sociedades que gestionas así como de los eventos que tengas en marcha.

    Podrás utilizar nuestro software como marca blanca y revenderlo a tus clientes como software propio. Bipeek será tu herramienta de trabajo diario y marcará un antes y un después en la manera de gestionar en tu negocio.

    Mejoramos la comunicación

    Con nuestra aplicación mejoramos la comunicación entre tu negocio y tus clientes. Todos saldréis ganando, pero tu negocio seguirá creciendo.

    Mejoramos la productividad

    La productividad en tu negocio subirá de manera exponencial. El tiempo de dedicación en todos tus procesos bajará de forma significativa.

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